Hurricane Irma Relief Fund


  • The Founders of Islamorada Beer Company have also created the Gotta Luv Them Fund in order to benefit scholarships, but now we need to support our beloved Florida Keys.  Hurricane Irma Devastated the Florida Keys and we have decided to STEP UP and help out the Florida Keys.   

Why are we doing this?  The Florida Keys are our home.  We went to school here, we partied Spring Break here,  we got married here (some of you did too!), our kids are growing up here, our business is here, OUR FAMILY OUR FRIENDS are here.  If we can use our platform to help the keys, we will!  We need your help.  

Who is getting the supplies?  THE PEOPLE who need it most.    Our GO Fund Me page will go towards Keys Organizations who will immediately and in the many weeks to follow benefit from it and who will actually put it to good use for the amount of people.  

There are severe and urgent needs right now, an we are trying to filter through everything so that we can help the most amount of people, quickly.   There are many ways in which you can help, right now, the greatest needs are items for the middle and lower.  

URGENT NEEDS:  The items of most need are the following: CHAINSAWS, WATER, FOOD, BLEACH, HAND SANITIZER.  
ON GOING NEEDS: Clothes, diapers, feminine products, toiletries  Please see below our Drop Off Locations:

BIG TIME NEEDS: Chain Saws, Excavators, Dump Trucks


Islamorada Beer Company Fort Pierce                                                  
3200 St. Lucie Blvd                                                                                                      
Fort Pierce Florida, 34936                                                                              

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