Gotta Luv Them is dedicated to creating innovative events which engage our community with proceeds benefitting Florida Atlantic University and other students in surrounding communities.


Provide the support and education needed for FAU college students to pursue civic leadership in their community.


Knowledge + Education = Youth Success

Knowledge: Developing knowledge creates a well-rounded individual

Education: The foundation of knowledge is based on great education

Youth Success: Kids are our future, and we need to provide them with appropriate resources for them to succeed.


The Gotta Luv Them Fund was established in 2013 as a non-profit organization that would create fundraising events in local Florida communities to benefit education. Created by four Florida Atlantic University (FAU) alumni, the organization members hope to make a difference in the lives of students and give back to their alma mater. Its founding members—Chris and Whitney Trentine, José Herrera, and Tyrone Bradley—met at FAU in the early 2000s. Whether building a cage to raise money for a local charity, or staying up all night during a dance-a-thon event, they always wanted to give back.

Education can be experienced in many different ways, as evidenced by the very different ways in which Whitney, Chris, José, and Tyrone were educated. Whitney and Chris attended a public school in Leon and Monroe County, respectively, José a Catholic private school in Palm Beach County, and Tyrone was home schooled in Broward County. Upon their respective high school graduations, each attended FAU and would later graduate with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Growing up in the Florida Keys, Chris named his first boat the Gotta Luv It because if you have enjoyed sunsets in the Florida Keys during the summer, you just gotta luv it! In 2007, Chris and Tyrone created Gotta Luv It Outdoors and Owlsgear.com. Gotta Luv It Outdoors is a Florida Keys clothing brand, while Owlsgear focuses specifically on FAU branded apparel.

Because of their college and business experiences, they founded the Gotta Luv Them charity. They established an organization that would host fundraising events for young professionals who wanted to provide fun educational experiences to students who deserve it.


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